Art No#: MX-9007


Weight lifting T-shirt is a Superb looking and excellent quality product of MAX-Z Fitness Corp.

  • Made of 100% Cotton or100%Polyester fabric OR can be made of cotton+polyester which makes this product more durable and comfortable.
  • Nothing is quite as comfortable as a T-shirt. That’s why we wear them to sleep, to the gym.
  • The fabric is comfortable, the sleeves are short and they fit any body type.
  • T-shirts are to designers what white canvases are to artists, an opportunity to create something awesome from scratch.
  • Helps to reduce your risk for strains.
  • Want a high-quality T-shirt with an affordable price? There’s a brand for that. How about a garment that has been sustainably made? There’s a brand for that too! Virtually every clothing brand makes T-shirts nowadays so it’s just a matter of finding your favourite.

By having team members wear the same clothes, it not only makes them easier to recognise but it also prevents a stranger to ‘infiltrate’ the premises, if you will. This is particularly important when organising big events.

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